Community Builder Workshop:
Fear of Missing Out.

Live interactive workshop
Zoom + Howspace (no downloads required)

Facilitated by Miikka Leinonen, co-author of Community Builder

Friday, February 5
09:00 CET

60 mins

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    Miikka Leinonen

    Community Strategist

    Meet your facilitator

    Miikka is a thinker and visionary who believes in the good in all of us. There are so many people trying to bring about positive change in their organisations and Miikka is here to help them - to help you. Miikka's sessions are always relaxed, fun and you will be amongst an international group of professional peers.

    Miikka usually uses Zoom and Howspace for live sessions. No downloads required. All he asks is you turn on your video!

    What will you learn?

    • Fear Of Missing Out - FOMO - can create strong emotions in communities. Miikka will help you understand FOMO and explore the FOMO tool from Community Builder
    • In this intro session, you will also explore common challenges and objectives in community building
    • Learn community skills for individuals, teams and organisations
    • Quick tricks plus long-lasting change components
    • Handy advice from your peers
    • Concepts and tools pioneered in Commnity Builder - the book!