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    Start to master community building in your own work and for your organisation. Learn how to evaluate and nurture work communties, client communities, partner communities, stakeholer commmunities and social communities.

    The canvases are some of Miikka Leinonen's favourite workshop tools from Community Builder - The Book, by Miikka and Lana Jelenjev.

    Learn how to use the free canvases in free online on-demand training

    The free tutorial has on-demand videos and simple steps so you can immediately learn valuable community skills.

    -> You'll get an invitation to the on-demand training along with your free canvases.

    Lana and Miikka, the authors of Community Builder, have never met face-to-face!

    Community Builder workshops with Miikka - live, online, awesome

    Join Miikka and a global group of like-minded agents of change. In Miikka's weekly community session, he opens up tools like "audience or community" and "FOMO" and you collaborate together. Miikka uses Zoom and Howspace for the Free Friday workshops. No app downloads required.

    -> Get the canvases and we'll keep you updated by email about our next sessions. Sometimes they're not on Fridays ;)

    It seems people like the Free Friday intro workshops...

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